Attorney requests all live video, audio to be prohibited from Kueng’s trial

(KSTP) – Attorneys representing former Minneapolis police officer J. Alexander Kueng have filed a motion to prohibit any live video or audio coverage of the upcoming trial, stating that Kueng has now withdrawn his consent.

According to the court filing submitted Tuesday, the motion will be officially be requested in court on Sept. 9 in front of Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill.

On Nov. 20, 2020, the court issued an order that allowed audio and video coverage of the joint trial of Kueng, Thomas Lane, Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao. The defense claims that the "worldwide publicity from the televised coverage of the Chauvin trial" has impaired Kueng’s right to a fair trial.

Chauvin’s trial was the first to ever be live-broadcasted in the state of Minnesota. The COVID-19 pandemic factored into Cahill’s decision to allow cameras in the courtroom.

The filing goes on to say that, since the trial was livestreamed, one defense witness for Chauvin was "harassed" and another was subject to "professional slander." The defense argued this is what could be in store if Kueng’s joint trial is livestreamed.

"Counsel has been informed by fact witnesses that they will not cooperate or testify because the proceedings are being televised. Other witnesses have been reluctant to participate without stating a specific reason, yet intimating they are concerned about being associated with the defense due to the amount of press coverage of this matter," wrote the defense.

Kueng has withdrawn his consent to allow video and audio coverage of the trial. He, along with the other three defendants, originally waived their right to allow this to happen in the courtroom.

By eliminating worldwide coverage of the trial, the filing concludes, Kueng’s team will be able to present a "reasonable" defense.