What the Tech? App of the Day: Poolsuite FM

[anvplayer video=”5174877″ station=”998128″]

Every now and then in my continuous search for smartphone apps that make life easier or more fun, I run across one that I think “Why in the world would anyone want this app?”

That’s what I thought when I first stumbled upon “Poolsuite FM”, an app that plays music I’ve never heard.

I already have a favorite music app (never mind which one, that’s a personal taste for everyone) so why would I want another music player? Here’s why I’ve come around to the idea behind “Poolsuite FM” and why I think it certainly has a place in summer.

The problem with party music or your favorite playlist on a speaker that everyone can hear, is that the lyrics get in the way. You know what I mean. Lyrics of songs we all know by heart can be a distraction because you can’t help but sing along.

Half the time you’re actually hearing what the other person is saying to you but the other half of the time you’ve got the words to “Party in the U.S.A” in your head. Poolsuite FM is different, it’s background music that makes it easier to have a conversation while still setting the mood at a party or allowing you to concentrate at your desk.

Poolsuite FM is total nostalgia and total summer. The graphics are in the 80s at best. 8-bit graphics that look more like an old computer screen or the first cellphone you ever had. But the music…well it’s good for parties because most of the songs it plays have no lyrics. They’re lo-fi chill jams from mostly independent artists who upload their tunes to SoundCloud.

Lots of DJs here too creating their own mixes. Like an old radio, there are only so many channels to choose from. Channels or stations like Friday Nite Heat, Balearic Sundown, Indie Summer, Hangover Club, and Tokyo Disco. Perfect background music for pool parties and days at the beach or lake. I found it’s also good for working at the computer. No lyrics, no distractions. If you’ve ever sat poolside at a tropical resort, you may have some idea of the type of music you’ll hear.

Poolsuite is iPhone only right now but an Android app is in development. You can also listen online, which also plays throwback videos that seem to fit perfectly with the tunes. I sat at my desk listening to a jam and watching 80’s and 90’s era Sunkist commercials.

The app is free in the Apple App Store. Will it become your go-to music app? Probably not. But it’s a refreshing change of the dial for summer.