16-Year Old Saves Man from Drowning in Foster-Arend Lake

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This past Thursday, a man was drowning in Foster-Arend Lake in northern Rochester when a 16-year old boy rescued him from the water.

16 year-old Anthony Severino-Goodsell was swimming in Foster-Arend Lake when someone started to drown in the water near him. That is when he knew he needed to spring to action.

It started out with a guy waving his hands a couple of times. Severino-Goodsell said the lake bottom drops off abruptly.

He had to swim down about 10 feet in order to get the guy who went under up to the surface.

Severino-Goodsell even had to get air multiple times while rescuing him from the bottom of the lake, but he still persevered.

What makes this situation more critical is that this happened at the beach at Foster-Arend Park, a place with no active lifeguards.

“It was adrenaline and seeing him going under and needing help really pushed me more towards to go and save him,” Severino-Goodsell said. “When I went under, I’m not sure how much breath I have and how deep he was, I just needed to get to him as fast as I could.”

Once Severino-Goodsell hoisted the man above the water, he was able to swim back to shore with the guy under his arm.

Severino-Goodsell credits his strength conditioning for being able to pull the guy up. He plays center for the Byron High School football team, and enjoys wrestling.

Another man administered CPR, Rochester police told ABC 6 News earlier in the week.

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Afterwards, another challenge was the language barrier. The guy who was rescued did not speak good English. Anthony is bilingual, and was able to translate between him and EMS.

“They had him over here and that’s when I translated more on how he should go up to the ambulance and get checked out,” Severino-Goodsell said.

The situation got much calmer from there.

As for the man who was pulled out of the water, he just needed to be checked up by EMS once they arrived, and was released without needing to go to the hospital.