Clinic helps protect pets from Rabies

Rabies Clinic

Rabies Clinic

(ABC 6 News) – The 66th annual rabies vaccine clinic was held today in Olmsted County, with local veterinarians teaming to make sure our pets and families are protected from rabies.

Rabies a viral disease, typically passed through bites of infected animals and can seriously harm animals and humans. Wednesday’s clinic provided rabies vaccines to dogs, cats, and ferrets for $20 cash per animal.

In addition to the one-day clinic, Olmsted County Paws and Claws is introducing a new $20 rabies vaccine voucher program. This program provides a convenient option for pet owners who are unable to attend the clinic. Pet owners must wait until June 13, 2024, to schedule the rabies vaccination.

They can use the voucher to schedule an appointment with Chosen Valley Veterinary Clinic in Chatfield at 115 Main Street from July 8 to 26, 2024, by calling 507-867-3610.

when making their appointment, pet owners may choose to add an exam or extra services. The pet owner is responsible for paying the rabies vaccine, exam fees, and additional service costs.