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Morning Trivia Challenge

Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE could win a Good Morning mug! 

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Which Minnesota State Park is the most visited?

Water skiing was invented on which Minnesota lake?

What fashion craze was started in a Roseville, MN gym in 1988?

About how many people visit the Mall of America each year?

How many lakes does Minnesota actually have?

Between 1980-2020, tropical storms & hurricanes are responsible for how many deaths in the U.S.?

On average, how much do hurricanes and/or tropical storms cost the U.S. each year?

What is the minimum wind speed required for a hurricane to become a "Major Hurricane"?

Of the average 12 named storms for a "typical" hurricane season, how many are major hurricanes?

A "normal" hurricane season will see how many named storms?

How much did the handwritten lyrics to "Like A Rolling Stone" sell for at a New York auction, in 2014?

Where did Bob Dylan grow up?

What did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize for?

One of Bob Dylan's six children is also a famous singer. Who is it?

Which famous singer celebrated their 80th birthday on Monday, May 24?