Jim Peterson – Account Executive

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I am a Minnesotan through & through, don’tcha know? I grew up in “Friendly Fridley”, a northern suburb of the Twin Cities, where my passion of weather thrived. That helps when your hometown like mine, was unfortunately, and historically known for the tornadoes in 1965, as well as one in the area in 1986. I attended and graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology. I am a familiar face with ABC 6 News, first joining the station in 2011 as a meteorologist, a position I held onto for the last 12 years, before making the career jump from in front of the camera to behind the scenes with the sales department. My wife (& high school sweetheart) Nicole & I live in Albert Lea with our two children & our dog Oliver.

Hard work & determination pays off; Never give up! I strive for success regardless of whatever challenge may lay ahead, seeing it through until the end. I look forward to this new chapter of my life and bringing this determination to the sales team!

I am an avid collector of Lego, having well over 30 sets dating back from when I was a kid to present day. Adding up all my “bricks”, there has to be over 50,000 of them throughout my house, NOT including my children’s sets. My favorite one? The Black Seas Barracuda, an unexpected & surprise birthday gift from my parents when I was in second grade.

Along with the rest of my family, I was a paid extra in the movie Mighty Ducks 3. Yep, I was paid to ride the rides at the Mall of America for those scenes in the movie. My older sister and I were also an unpaid extras during the big hockey game at the end of the film.

First Car: Ford Tempo (yep, complete with the automatic seat belts, and of course the Velcro CD player on the dashboard fed by the cassette tape deck!

Hidden Talent: I can predict the future, and when hydrometeors will fall from the sky.

Proudest Accomplishment: Making it where I am today, and where I’m going tomorrow.

On my bucket list: Visit Pearl Harbor, meet Gordon Ramsay

Favorite Movies: Star Wars (shocker)
Favorite Food: Tacos or Spaghetti
Favorite Sport: Baseball (go TWINS!)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Hobby: Building Models
Favorite Quotes: “No matter what, everything will be ok” – Lenny Peterson (My late-father) & “Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.” – Kirby Puckett.

Interests: Anything related to Duluth, Edmund Fitzgerald, Lego, Star Wars, & the outdoors.