Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah transitions to new name

(ABC 6 News) – Winneshiek Medical Center in Decorah, Iowa officially transitioned to a new name on Monday.

The new name and brand, WinnMed: Excellence lives here, was approved by the Board of Trustees in March, and will continue to rollout efforts through the end of the year.

Steve Slessor, chief administrative officer, says, “The new name closely connects to the current identity, but is shortened to be easy to see, say and remember.  The ‘Winn’ portion gives respect to Winneshiek County citizens to whom we are so deeply connected, and the ‘Med’ portion broadens our scope from a physical place or ‘center’ to a larger medical system that encompasses the entire region.  The tagline speaks to the ideal that every patient receives the absolute best care here, and that care is inspired by the patients and health care providers who choose to live, work and care for each other locally.” 

Currently, 565 staff and physicians work at WinnMed. There are plans to expand the facility over the next five to ten years.

As under the legacy name and brand of Winneshiek Medical Center, WinnMed’s partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System for physician services is strong, according to Dr. Thomas Marquardt, D.P.M., chief medical officer, who says, “Our nearly 20-year partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System continues to grow. The leadership and physician services we receive from Mayo Clinic Health System will help keep WinnMed on the cutting edge of health care.”

In 1992, the first of all Mayo Clinic Health System clinics opened in Decorah and worked in partnership with the local hospital, then Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital.  In 2005, Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital entered into a Professional Services Agreement and Management Services Agreement with Mayo Clinic Health System, and rebranded itself to Winneshiek Medical Center.