What to know during Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota

(ABC 6 News) – This week in Minnesota is Severe Weather Awareness Week, which is an opportunity to remind Minnesotans about the importance of being prepared for severe weather and how to stay safe when it strikes.

Severe weather can be unpredictable and deadly; being prepared can help save lives and reduce the risks from severe weather events. 

Authorities recommend having multiple ways to receive warnings whether that is through weather apps for your phone, buying a weather radio or staying tuned to local TV and radio during severe weather. Download the ABC 6 News Now App, HERE.

The Severe Weather Awareness Week themes are:

The Ultimate Severe Weather Guide

Minnesota’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division says the topics aren’t just a good reminder about seasonal weather threats but are also a good time to make and practice an emergency plan and refresh your emergency preparedness kit.

There will be a statewide tornado drill on Thursday. Outdoor sirens will be tested at 1:45 p.m. and again at 6:45 p.m. These drills give residents the opportunity to review their emergency plans and procedures and practice emergency drills at work or at home.

The ABC 6 Weather First Special “Surviving the Storm” aired on Monday evening and covered a wide variety of topics including, tornado sirens and their importance, tornado impacts and recovery, severe thunderstorm hazards, handling the heat, flooding risks, myths surrounding weather, and more.

Watch “Surviving the Storm” HERE.