What to know before Election Day

What to know Before Election Day (5 pm)

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(ABC 6 News) – The big day arrives on Tuesday, and Olmsted County election office workers are doing everything they can to make sure the political process runs smoothly.

Luke Turner, the election manager for Olmsted County, says the county is working on putting the final touches for Tuesday’s polls.

He says so far 2,700 absentee ballots have been accepted.

If you recently received your absentee ballot in the mail or have yet to mail it in, Turner says to get it in by Tuesday night.

What to know Before Election Day

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“If you’ve received an absentee by mail, for it to be accepted, it has to be returned to the elections office by 8 p.m. Tuesday on election day. If you haven’t yet mailed it, you can return it in person to 2122 Campus Drive anytime before 8 p.m.,” Turner said.

In Minnesota, you can register to vote on Election Day. To learn more about that process and what you’ll need to bring, click this link.