Walz announces 2024 infrastructure plan, $982 million in investments

Gov. Walz Announces Billion Dollar Infrastructure Plan

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(ABC 6 News) – Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flannagan announced a $982 million plan aimed at improving infrastructure across the state of Minnesota on Jan. 16, 2024.

“The investments in our 2024 Infrastructure Plan are investments in the wellbeing and future of Minnesota,” said Walz. “We have an obligation to ensure every Minnesotan has access to clean water, well-maintained infrastructure, safe communities, and state buildings that are safe and accessible. These projects will support local governments in their work to improve our infrastructure and create good-paying jobs in every corner of the state.”

The plan includes five core tenants; water systems and transportation, public safety, housing, maintenance of state infrastructure and additional investments.

According to the Walz office, investment in Minnesota’s water and transportation systems would “protect Minnesotans’ health and safety.”

This portion of the plan would encompasses $215 million in investments; $119 million would go to grants and low interests loans to maintain clean water and replace outdated lead pipes.

$28 million will create new grant programs to remove contaminants in Minnesota drinking water.

Another $2 million will go to developing a continuous nitrate monitoring network

About $142 million will go to public safety projects, including expanding lab and investigation capacities for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and a Minnesota State Patrol headquarters.

Of that $142 million, $47 million will go to offering rehabilitative programing and furthering education for incarcerated individuals.

As more and more Minnesotans struggle to meet the rising cost of housing, muddled with Southern Minnesota’s water crisis, the Walz administration intends to invest more than $97 million in housing and environmental sustainability.

More than $48 million will go to Housing Infrastructure Bonds, intending to further develop multifamily housing. According to the Walz administration, this program aims to impact unhoused people, seniors and families struggling to find safe housing.

Another $16 million will go to updating the Minneapolis Veterans Home.

More than $440 million will go to maintaining and renewing state facilities, such as universities, colleges, libraries and more.

Finally, more than $85 million will go to other infrastructure needs across the state, about $40 million going to local government projects.

Another $5 million in grant funding will go to constructing and renovating early childhood facilities.