Video shows Hot air balloon crashing into powerline near Highway 63, south of Rochester

Video shows Hot air balloon crashing into powerline near Highway 63, south of Rochester

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(ABC 6 News) – A hot air balloon crashed next to Highway 63, near the 48 Street exit south of Rochester on Wednesday evening.

According to a statement from Rochester Fire Department, law enforcement first arrived to the scene and reported a hot air balloon basket had hit the ground.

The balloon itself continued drifting southeast without the basket.

According to Rochester Police Department, a gust of wind pushed the balloon into a powerline.

Video from MN Crime shows the hot air balloon made contact with a powerline. The basket then disconnected and landed in a ditch, falling between 20 to 30 feet from the air.

A witness to the crash, Brady Ploenzke, tells ABC 6 everything happened so fast, it was like a movie.

I was driving home on 63 there and as soon as I saw the hot air balloon going in the air I was like, okay they’re gonna land in the field, I was like okay it’s getting a little closer, then I saw a huge flash of light,” said Ploenzke.

Three occupants escaped the balloon before the balloon rose further into the air.

A fire then caught on the grass near the highway.

Firefighters then extinguished the flames near the basket.

“There was 100 by 100 feet of grass fire, brush fire that we extinguished,” said RFD firefighter Brady Nelson.

According to RFD, firefighters spoke with the pilot and the balloons occupants, confirming no serious injuries.

Two occupants were confirmed to have sustained minor injuries from the fall.

Minnesota State Patrol, Mayo Clinic Ambulance and Rochester Public Utilities assisted at the scene.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are both investigation the cause of the crash.

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