Two Powerball winners collect millions as jackpot grows

ABC 6 NEWS — Two lucky winners came away with million-dollar prizes in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, but the $700 million jackpot remained unclaimed.

Just before Wednesday’s Powerball drawing, the jackpot rose to $707 million; the ninth largest jackpot in the drawing’s history. While nobody claimed the jackpot in the December 26 drawing, one winner in California did collect a $1 million prize, with a winner in Texas pulling a $2 million ticket, thanks to the drawing’s power play.

With no jackpot winner, the Powerball Jackpot now climbs to $760 million, the sixth largest in the drawings history. If someone were to win that prize, they could take a structured pay-out option, or select the $382 million cash option. The last Powerball drawing of the year will take place on Saturday, Dec. 30 at 9:59 p.m.