Fravel grandparents, Kingsbury grandparents withdraw motions in visitation case

Kingsbury Custody Case Withdrawn

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(ABC 6 News) – The parents of Adam Fravel, the man charged in connection with the death of Madeline Kingsbury, have withdrawn their petition for visitation with their grandchildren.

Kingsbury’s parents were given custody of the children in June after Fravel, their biological father, was first charged with the murder of their mother, Madeline.

ABC 6 News previously reported that Richard and Ann Fravel, the parents of Adam Fravel, moved for visitation in September, citing a long period of separation from the children.

The Fravel grandparents withdrew their petition for visitation in early November.

The day after the Fravel grandparents filed for visitation, the Kingsbury grandparents filed motions to force the Fravel grandparents and Adam Fravel to testify about their actions in the days surrounding Kingsbury’s murder before the visitation hearing, as well as delay any visitation hearings until after the murder trial was complete.

Winona County judge Mary Leahy said in October that Adam Fravel could not be called to testify about his own criminal case in family court.

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The next visitation hearings, previously scheduled for Jan. 9-12, were removed from the court calendar after both sets of grandparents withdrew their motions.

“The timing of the Fravel’s request for grandparent visitation was misplaced and lacked sensitivity,” Jason Brown, the attorney representing David and Catherine Kingsbury, said. “The Kingsburys can now focus more attention on helping their grandchildren cope with the loss of their mother, and prepare for the pending trial against Adam Fravel.”

Fravel’s next omnibus hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Dec. 14. A trial date has not been set.