Court docs: Fravel had history of domestic violence

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(ABC 6 News) – The newly released criminal complaint includes a long list of details that until Friday, were not made public.

That includes new evidence that Fravel may have been physically abusing Madeline Kingsbury on a routine basis. Her relationship with Adam was fractured and she was looking to move on.

Experts say this is a dangerous time, and when you add her two kids, it can make the situation more complicated.

According to the court documents, Fravel and Kingsbury were on an on again off again relationship for seven years.

Domestic violence took a toll on their relationship, leading up to Kingsbury’s death.

“Whenever people say ‘Well why doesn’t she just leave?’ One of the first things I say is because at that moment she is in the most danger,” Director of the Hope Center in Faribault Erica Staab said.

Incidents of Fravel physically harming Kingsbury are listed in court documents. A friend of Kingsbury saw Fravel strike her while on Facetime.

Incidents of domestic violence also allegedly happened in front of her children, according to a text message conversation between Fravel and Kingsbury.

“Domestic violence is all about power and control and there’s a pattern of abusive behavior that takes place over a period of time, so it’s very subtle,” community outreach coordinator of the Women’s Shelter and Support Center Jeannie Thompson said.

Experts say people can stay in a domestic violence situation like this.

“People stay because they want their children to have access to their father,” Staab said.

But it can also be the reason why they want to leave.

“Another reason why they might leave is oftentimes people will start with violence against their partner, but then that might also go down to the children,” Staab said.

It isn’t stated whether Fravel displayed domestic violence towards the children, but they were exposed to the environment and experts worry it could leave a lasting impact.

“We know that people who experience childhood abuse either go on to 50 percent of the time become perpetrators themselves or become victims themselves.”

Court documents said Fravel told Kingsbury if she didn’t listen up, she would end up like Gabby Petito, another woman who went missing and was found dead.

As Kingsbury’s kids are in the custody of her parents, experts say it’s important they have access to their emotions and know who their trusted adults are.