Rochester woman shares her story about love and loss

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(ABC 6 NEWS) – The COVID-19 Pandemic was tough for everyone. But during that time, there was hope.

Hope for the future, hope for better days.

One Rochester woman has gone through so much in her life, but no matter what, she always kept her strength.

Losing a loved one is never easy. Molly Giehtbrock understands that. It takes courage to come back to a spot that means so much to her.

“It’s a flood of good emotions, but also sad,” Giehtbrock said. “We were all in, both of us.”

Every moment Molly spent with Michael was good. They met online in 2018 and their love was built on a foundation of caring for others.

“His personality was people, he loved people,” Giehtbrock said.

At The Tap House Michael and Molly had their first date, their love is built to last.

Every moment that followed, their love strengthened, leading to something truly special, an engagement unlike any other in Peace Plaza.

“It was so him, to proclaim his love in a big way,” Giehtbrock said.

A flash mob right in the heart of downtown Rochester.

“How does it feel to be back in the spot where you got engaged?”

“It’s a bag of mixed emotions. It’s a happy place but it’s also sad,” Giehtbrock said.

Molly and Michael got married in November of 2022.

It’s moments like that she hoped for that would live forever.

“We had to face reality that life wasn’t going to be what we thought it was,” Giehtbrock said.

Michael battled multiple myeloma for as long as he could.

“Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer that produces a lot of proteins that can cause damage to various organs, particularly the bones as well as the kidney,” Dr. Rahma Warsame with Mayo Clinic said.

While it’s not clear what causes multiple myeloma, doctors know that it begins with an abnormal plasma cell in your bone marrow which produces too much protein inappropriately and multiplies rapidly.

And it’s at Mayo Clinic where Michael came for treatment. Molly never left his side.

Over four and a half years, Michael would go through nine different treatment plans.

“Mayo gave him 4 and a half years I don’t think he would have had,” Giehtbrock said.

Michael passed away on May 5, 2023.

Since then, Molly continues to honor he husband.

She even goes to social media, sharing her story in hopes it will help others.

“I know Michael is here with us today. He’s sitting next to you. What would you like to tell him?”

“I’m so grateful to have had him. He left a huge mark in my heart,” Giehtbrock said.

And that impact will never be forgotten.

“I love you Michael,” Giehtbrock said.

Molly hopes to create a foundation one day for Michael.

To learn more about multiple myeloma, visit this link.