Rochester man arrested on suspicion of sex with child; search warrants allege multiple sexual conversations with children

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(ABC 6 News) – According to search warrants publicly filed Jan. 2, 2024, Rochester police have requested Jonathan Mark Tompkin’s Snapchat history, based on allegations that he had messaged multiple children and teenagers in the spring and summer of 2023.

Tompkin, 36, was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old, using a gun to force her to comply, in August of 2023.

According to court documents, Tompkin used Snapchat’s map feature to locate the child as a local user, then to track her to her home.

The search warrants allege that Tompkin had also used Snapchat to chat with five other users under age 18, all of whom had “advertised” that fact to Tompkin.

According to the search warrant, Rochester police believe that Tompkin sent sexual messages and/or images to the children.

According to the search warrant, he also asked for sexual images in return between April and August of 2023.

Police filed the warrant to request the images that disappeared from Tompkin’s search history, to determine whether Tompkin had indeed solicited sexual images from the children and sent them in return.

Tompkin is scheduled to appear in Olmsted County Court for a contested omnibus hearing Jan. 10.


(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man is accused of coercing a child into sex using a gun, according to Olmsted County Court records.

Rochester police arrested Jonathan Mark Tompkin, 36, on Wednesday, Aug. 16, after a report that Tompkin had found a girl via Snapchat’s location feature and begun a sexual relationship with her.

Tompkin faces charges of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child under age 14; 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child–armed with dangerous weapon; and felony terroristic threats.

Police claim that Tompkin also provided the child with alcohol and marijuana.

Court records filed early Friday, Aug. 18, allege that Tompkin located the child on Snapchat while she was visiting Rochester, and asked her to hang out.

The child allegedly told Tompkin no — but he tracked her location and picked her up, taking her to his home in the 2600 block of Charles Court NW.

The child told police she told Tompkin she was only 13, and he responded positively.

Court records state that the child was afraid because Tompkin had her address, had a gun in his house and showed it to her, and pointed it at her at one point.

The girl also told police Tompkin used force to have sex with her, told her he “owned” her, and talked about kidnapping her and making her move in with him when she turned 18.

He also threatened to shoot the child, according to court documents.

A medical exam revealed sexual injuries to the child, according to court records.

Police searched Tompkin’s residence and allegedly found drug paraphernalia, a 9mm hand gun with ammunition, “surveillance,” and birth control items.

Tompkin told police he thought the child was 23 years old, but had never touched her, according to court records.