Commission chooses design for new Minnesota state flag

New State Flag Design Chosen

New design updated for Minnesota flag

(ABC 6 News) – Minnesota’s commission tasked with finding a new state flag and seal design has chosen its final recommendation for the new Minnesota flag.

The design comes from a concept chosen during last week’s commission meetings. During Tuesday morning’s meeting, additional modifications were made. Stripes were removed from the right-hand side while the shape of the star was modified.

The base design was created by a 24-year-old who had included blue to represent the iconic over 10,000 lakes within Minnesota.

The commission reports the most common feedback they received during the approval process. This includes removing the green as well as adding symmetry to the design.

The group has until Jan. 1 to recommend its final flag and seal designs and will finalize its report to the Legislature next week. If the Legislature doesn’t make any changes, the new flag will fly on May 11, the day Minnesota became a state.

The commission also voted for modifications to its chosen design for the next state seal, changing the number of yellow bars around the outer ring of the seal to 98, representing the state’s 87 counties and 11 federally recognized tribal nations.