Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt: Clue #2

Be a Kid Again! The Rochesterfest 2023 Treasure Hunt is underway!

CLUE #2 – Sunday, June 18:

Consider a moment when children at play
Came after work was done for the day
And the toiling involved in working the earth
Was rewarded with family, companionship, and mirth

Clue #1 – Saturday, June 17:

Step back in time to childhood again
When the world was fresh as paper before pen
Begin your search for Rochesterfest’s prize
While enjoying the parks under pale blue skies

Get a BONUS CLUE at Charlie’s Eatery and Pub, Hillcrest Shopping Center in Rochester, on Sunday June 18 in both the restaurant and bar.  

Starting on Monday, June 19, get the new clues FIRST on ABC 6 between 6:40 a.m. and 6:50 a.m. each day LIVE on ABC 6 News Good morning, and online at:


This year’s treasure is a special acrylic medallion, hidden somewhere in the city of Rochester and on public property (but not on a golf course or cemetery) and NEVER on private property that might appear open to the public. It will not be hidden on public land that would be dangerous to search (roadways, etc.) You will absolutely know if you find it! Once found, it must be exchanged for its bounty.

Search, but please don’t destroy the natural beauty of Rochester or the Treasure hiding place! Each day’s clue will bring you closer to the treasure’s location, and it will be evident once found!

Find more information on Rochesterfest here