Lake City man sentenced to probation, community service following motorcycle chases

(ABC 6 News) – A Lake City man received a 3-year probation sentence after pleading guilty to fleeing police over the summer.

Noah Alexander Doherty, 24, was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.

Doherty pleaded guilty to fleeing police on a motorcycle on Aug. 20. All charges related to separate incident of fleeing police Aug. 4 were dismissed at his sentencing.


(ABC 6 News) – A Lake City man arrested after a 144 mph joyride last summer pleaded guilty in two new court cases dating to August of this year.

Noah Alexander Doherty, 24, was accused of fleeing Rochester police on Aug. 4, then again on Aug. 20 of this year.

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Doherty was allegedly spotted spray-painting a motorcycle on Marion Road SE, then driving up Marion Road on the vehicle, which did not have a license plate.
Doherty was accused of fleeing a traffic stop and charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, driving after license revocation, and driving without a motorcycle endorsement.

Court documents note that the officer recognized Doherty.

On Aug. 20, the same RPD officer allegedly saw Doherty on the same motorcycle with no plate on 12th Street NW, Rochester.

According to court documents, the officer saw Doherty run a red light at N Broadway and Silver Lake Drive, then flipped the officer off and fled after seeing active police lights, allegedly running two more redlights and weaving in and out of traffic.

Doherty was remotely charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, reckless driving, driving after license revocation and without endorsement, and failure to stop for a traffic control signal.

Doherty entered a petition to plead guilty to one count of fleeing police in a motor vehicle in the Aug. 20 case in exchange for probation and release from the Olmsted County ADC until his sentencing Nov. 29.

He did not enter a guilty plea including the Aug. 4 charges, and is scheduled to appear for a hearing Nov. 29 in that case, according to Minnesota Court Records Online.