Friends remember Kim Robinson while alleged murderer awaits trial

Friends remember Kim Robinson

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(ABC 6 News) – Just over a year ago, family and friends lost a loved one—Kim Robinson. Her body was found in a ditch in rural Olmsted County.

The man accused of killing her, 40-year-old Mustafa Bush, faces two first-degree murder charges in addition to accusations of domestic abuse.

On Monday, Robinson’s friends are remembering her.

“She just had one of those personalities that was super loud, super in your face, but you can’t help but be attracted to that,” Jacquilyn Staige, a former roommate of Robinson, shared.

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Another old friend, Jess Crowson, shared her happy memories.

“We loved to laugh together and I’m a snorter when I laugh and when Kim would laugh hard enough, she would snort too. We would just laugh even harder about it.”

While they remember the good times, they also remember Kim’s abusive on-and-off relationship with Mustafa Bush, who served time for murder before.

“They had issues in their relationship that led to physical altercations and as much as you want to be able and stop it, you can only go so far. She has to make that choice or whoever is in that situation,” said Staige.

Trying to warn her, Crowson’s concerns started to grow. She recalls the haunting text Robinson sent before her death.

“My last outgoing message to Kim. I said ‘Hey, are you alive?’ I never got a response back.”

A month later, she was officially gone. A memory that still plaques her friends to this day.

As Staige recalled, “It didn’t seem real until it was on the news and I kept seeing her picture.”

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While her friends want justice, they also acknowledge another family is involved.

“It’s hard to want to see him go away for what he did and know that they’re suffering as well,” added Crowson.

Bush is set for trial in October.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse, you don’t have to fight alone. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.