Local law enforcement participates in crisis intervention training

Crisis Intervention Training

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(ABC 6 News) – Law enforcement from the Rochester Police Department and Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office participated in a crisis intervention four-day training.

Part of that training includes having law enforcement roleplay scenarios demonstrating how they would de-escalate a situation.

It all starts in the classroom.

“We have a classroom portion that teaches de-escalation, and background information on mental illness, what sort of intervention or communication styles might work on that illness or condition,” RPD officer and CIT coordinator Tim Condon said.

Officers would put their training to the test during the roleplay sessions, where participants would take turns working with an actor that would act out a crisis scenario.

From there, officers used what they learned to de-escalate the situation. These skills could mean the difference between a peaceful resolution or tragedy.

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“The officers and deputies that we have are working hard and they’re responding very well to the training, they’re just using the tactics that they learned,” OCSO deputy and CIT coordinator Adam Hennen said.

After 40 hours, these officers will receive a CIT certification and could bring their training to the real world.

“They remember these scenarios from our training and how closely those calls replicate the things we practice in the community,” Condon said.