Level 3 predatory offender relocates to rural Mower County

(ABC 6 News) – The Mower County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with Minnesota’s Community Notification Act is releasing information regarding a Level 3 predatory offender’s change of residence.

Brian Joseph Miller, 41, will be residing in rural Racine. The sheriff’s office said Miller has a history of sexual conduct and sexual contact with adult females and holding a victim against her will.

Since the passage of the Registration Act of 1991, law enforcement has a right to know an offender’s residence or track their moves after his/her initial release from custody.

With the passage of the Community Notification Act, law enforcement now may share information with the public about offenders which creates an informed community that can engage with law enforcement to address any concerns and/or issues involving these individuals.

The individual has served the sentence imposed on them by the court. The sheriff’s office says the release of this information is to enhance public safety and protection and is intended to raise awareness, not fear.

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office also says they may not direct where this individual does or does not reside, nor direct where he/she works or goes to school.