AG Bird explains new victim’s services in Iowa

AG Bird on Victim’s Services Audit

AG Bird on Victim's Services Audit

(ABC 6 New) Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird is focusing on helping victims of crime across the state with a recent audit of the state’s victim’s services procedures.

Bird says certain notification services for victims, like updates on their abuser’s release from prison, were ended by former A.G. Tom Miller. The service is now re-instated to give victims more ways to protect themselves.

“No one is prepared to be a victim. Most people have a hard time dealing with it. No one knows when it’s going to happen or who it’s going to happen to,” explains Bird while reflecting on her time as a prosecutor.

Her new plan doubles pay for nurses who provide sexual assault examinations from $200 to $400 while giving a $ 0.50-per-mile gas allowance for their travels.

According to Bird, a Polk County victim had waited eight hours for a proper evidence examination.