DNR’s updated invasive carp action plan

Invasive Carp Plan

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(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will roll out a new action plan to prevent the spread of invasive carp in the Mississippi River.

The carp compete with native species for food, negatively impacting Minnesotan aquatic life.

Some jump out of the water, potentially threatening boaters caught unawares.

Two federal agencies installed specialized deterrents within the past two years.

Minnesota leaders say that’s helped guide this new plan.

The DNR has yet to use the federally-installed deterrents, but the DNR will study the deterrents more closely.

“We’ve also gained a lot in terms of technology and methodology on evasive carp capture,” said Heidi Wolf, a DNR invasive species supervisor. “We’ve gained the ability to tag and track invasive carp in the water, which has changed the way we capture and remove carp.”

If you catch one of these carp, you are required to report it to the DNR immediately.