“Allowing Mr. Fravel to see the children puts them directly in harm’s way”; Kingsburys file motion to terminate Fravel’s contact with kids

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(ABC 6 News) – In newly obtained court documents, the parents of Madeline Kingsbury have filed a motion to suspend any and all contact between her children and their father, Adam Fravel.

This comes days after Fravel was charged with 2nd-degree murder in Maddi Kingsbury’s death. Her body was discovered just north of Mabel last Wednesday.

Ordered on April 17th, Fravel has been allowed supervised visitation with his two children — ages 2 and 5 — twice a week for two-hour visits. Fravel, was arrested on Wednesday, June 7th and charged on Friday, June 8th.

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David and Cathy Kingsbury, along with their attorney Anna Tobia, want to ensure that any future visitation be terminated.

In the motion, Tobia writes that if Fravel posts bail or bond and is released from custody, he would be entitled to visits with the children under the current court’s order.

Tobia says any contact with Fravel would not be in the children’s best interest due to the fact that Fravel poses a significant safety risk to the kids.

The motion says Fravel, “poses a flight risk and based upon his actions when Winona County Health & Human Services first took custody of the children, there is every reason to believe he would flee with the children.”

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Court documents from April stated that Fravel and his family became non-cooperative when social workers tried to access the children following Maddi Kingsbury’s initial disappearance. It stated that Fravel would not allow the workers to see the children, at one point locking himself inside his parents house with one child, shouting expletives. Further, documents say that Fravel eventually turned the children over but was unwilling to gather their belongings, leaving them with only the clothes they were wearing.

The motion filed Monday by the Kingsburys’ attorney reads, “Mr. Fravel has been hostile towards law enforcement, including making lewd comments, exposing himself and actively attempting to redirect their attention while they searched for Madeline Kingsbury.”

“The allegations against Mr. Fravel assert he is capable of horrific acts – allowing Mr. Fravel to see the children puts them directly in harms way. The children have already suffered an immeasurable loss; putting them at more risk for more harm is against their best interests and as such, we respectfully request the Court immediately suspend any and all contact between Mr. Fravel and the minor children.”

In a letter to Judge Mary Leahy Friday, June 9th, WCHHS officials recommend that reunification efforts with Fravel be ceased and all contact between the children and Fravel be terminated. In addition, they recommended that both children remain in the legal care and custody of Winona County and that a permanency petition be filed.

In that letter, WCHHS officials cite information from Fravels criminal complaint, including the alleged history of abuse against Maddi Kingsbury in front of the children. Officials say based on the, “significant changes in the case, WCHHS respectfully requests to file a permanency petition and asks to cease reunification efforts with Mr. Fravel.”

Judge Leahy determined that a decision will be made at the disposition hearing June 14th at 10:00 a.m.