Winona County prosecutors speak on Adam Fravel’s court appearance, charges

(ABC 6 News) – Winona County attorneys on Friday afternoon gave an update on charges related to Adam Fravel, who is accused of killing Madeline Kingsbury, the mother of their two children.

Winona County attorney Karin Sonneman said special assistant, Winona County attorney Phillip Prokopowicz, will lead the prosecution team. He is a retired attorney from the Dakota County Attorney’s Office.

Sonneman said her office has charged Fravel with 2nd-degree murder–with and without intent in the death of Kingsbury, and not 1st-degree murder.

Sonneman said the law in Minnesota states that in order to charge 1st-degree murder, a prosecutor must present the case before a grand jury and it’s the jury who decides if there is probable cause to support an indictment for 1st-degree murder. Sonneman continued by saying because the case remains an active, ongoing investigation, that her office may seek additional charges.

Sonneman said Maddi’s two children — ages 2 and 5 — remain in the care of Maddi’s father and will stay there for the time being. The child protection case also remains open and active with certain conditions allowing Fravel to have supervised and secured visits with the children. A hearing in the case is expected at a future date.

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Winona County Judge Mary Leahy, set Fravel’s unconditional bail at $2 million, and release with conditions at $1 million in a Zoom hearing late Friday morning, which was attended by members of the Fravel and Kingsbury families.

According to court documents filed Friday, June 9, Fravel is accused of murdering Kingsbury, on March 31.

If convicted of 2nd-degree murder with intent, prosecuting attorney Phillip Prokopowicz said Fravel faces a possible 306-month sentence.

The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Kingsbury’s cause of death was homicide.

Fravel’s next court appearance is scheduled for July 20.

Watch the full press conference from Winona County below.