Showers extend into weekend… snowflake too

Light showers extend into the weekend. The second part of Saturday will hold yet another round of light rain. Sunday holds more showers, especially over the eastern edge of the area. Accumulations will be generally light, less than 1/4″ from here on out.

Temperatures cool day over day through Sunday. Highs climb back to near 50 on Saturday before rain moves back in. Sunday is still cooler, with highs barely in the low 40s. A stout northwest wind is at play Sunday. And in the cooler periods where we’re close to freezing, a few snowflakes may mix in. Don’t worry, I’m not seeing accumulations being likely.

Then we roll into May. Initially it’s cool but we’ll bounce back into the 60s and 70s beginning Wednesday and lasting through next weekend in what generally looks to be a dry stretch.