Record-Breaking Heat Update

On Saturday, we broke record highs in Austin and Preston and tied the record high in Rochester. If you want to know more about the heat from Saturday, we have more here.

For Sunday, four more records have been confirmed to be broken: Austin, Mason City, Owatonna, and Preston. Austin previously hit 89°F in 2012 and hit 97°F; Mason City’s previous record was 96°F in 1925, and the town peaked at 97°F on Sunday; Owatonna’s record was also crushed, topping out at 95°F compared to the previous record of 92°F in 1983; finally, Preston peaked at 97°F Sunday, smashing the old record of 92°F set back in 1971.

Rochester and Charles City tied record highs of 94°F in 1937 and 95°F in 1939 respectively.

So far, six record highs have been confirmed to be broken and three of them have been tied. We have similar heat in the forecast on Monday that will likely result in more records being broken.