A Few Record Highs Broken, One More Tied on Saturday

For September 2nd (Saturday’s date) a couple record highs were broken in southeast Minnesota. Both Austin and Preston had previous record highs on September 2nd of 93°F set back in 2011; they both hit 97°F on Saturday.

Mason City Municipal Airport also saw it’s highest temperature recorded on September 2nd, hitting 96°F. This dethrones the 95°F high hit in 1971. Although, the overall record in Mason City still sits at 99°F, set back in 1925; this came at a time long before the airport started tracking temperature data in 1948.

Rochester also tied the high set on September 2nd, 1929. In both 1929 and 2023, the high was 94°F.

There are still a few more hot days ahead, with Sunday and Monday expected to be the hottest of the entire stretch. More record highs are expected to be broken (and some warmest low temperatures could be broken too). More records will be posted as the next couple days go along.