Possible Northern Lights tonight.

Strong geomagnetic storm in progress with high liklihood of the Northern Lights occurring in Europe right now. If this holds into tonight we’ll have a good chance of viewing.

Kp expected to be in the 5-6 range which is usually good enough for a possible viewing for us. Keep in mind this is only one component (a big one though) to make the Lights appear. Just because these are elevated does not mean it is guaranteed.

9PM-3AM looks to be the window to watch. On the graph below, UT is currently 5 hours ahead of CDT. Example: 06 UT is 1 AM.

Look in the northern horizon for best viewing. It is ideal to step away from the city to avoid light contamination. Our skies should remain clear for ideal viewing.

We’ll be monitoring the progression this evening and should be able to get a good sense if they’ll appear or not as we move through the evening.