Views of severe weather in Minn. and Iowa April 12

(ABC 6 News) – We’re compiling footage and video of severe weather from viewers like you.

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Video taken from 740th Ave. outside of Grand Meadow, headed toward Taopi, morning of Wednesday, April 13. Contributed by Jordan Flugum.

[anvplayer video=”5102255″ station=”998128″]

Door camera footage of tree falling within feet of Austin home, contributed by Crystal Jean Rocha

[anvplayer video=”5102133″ station=”998128″]

Lightning over Scarville, Iowa. Contributed by Alexander Bloedel

[anvplayer video=”5102109″ station=”998128″]

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Ring camera footage of storms near state line, Lyle, MN contributed by Ryan Misti Hill

[anvplayer video=”5102129″ station=”998128″]

Videos from Albert Lea as storms and hail hit from reporter Mackenzie Davis

Photo of a tornado on the ground near Palmer, Iowa

Increasingly stormy conditions in Northern Iowa, by reporter Sydney Zatz

Thunderstorms and low visibility in Austin by reporter Makenzie Davis

Hail blanketing a deck three miles south of Lewiston, Minnesota

Video of stormy conditions near Austin by KAAL-TV reporter Sydney Zatz

Hailstorm in Rice County, contributed by Oscar Mondaca

Thread of Palmer, Iowa tornado footage contributed by @SafetyAlertsMN

Hail in Albert Lea, contributed by Frances Heilman

[anvplayer video=”5102125″ station=”998128″]

Stormy weather in Albert Lea at 10:15 p.m., contributed by Teresa Dugstad

[anvplayer video=”5102126″ station=”998128″]

Hail on an Albert Lea deck, submitted by Samantha Chicos

[anvplayer video=”5102128″ station=”998128″]

Lessening storms in Manly, Iowa by reporter Sydney Zatz

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