Roasted Bliss – Coffee and Bakery to open new location

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(ABC 6 News) – You know that big brown sign-off of Civic Center Drive? The one that used to say ‘Daube’s Bakery?’ Soon it will be saying another name.

Roasted Bliss – Coffee and Bakery will soon call the old building home. The owners wanted a new location in the southwest part of town but because of rising costs, that plan was scratched. Now, it found a big enough space for all sorts of things like a drive-thru, gluten-free kitchen, a bar, candy store, and ice cream.

"We’ve looked at this place in the past and at the time, it just wasn’t the right fit," said Stephanie Donovan, one of the owners.

"We’ve decided on this location a couple months ago. We’re just really excited about the space it has to offer. The location, the people we can reach in this area, and also the size of the building was really important to us in addition to being able to put a drive-thru in."

For the owners, this isn’t just about selling treats.

"It’s really cool to see the bakeries, even some of them have gone out. There are ways to be innovative and it’s really nice for us to be here and creating those memories," said Ali Johnson, the other owner of Roasted Bliss – Coffee and Bakery.

"When you buy your Thanksgiving pie, we sit back and say ‘yes that was a lot of hard work.’ But we know there’s a family of maybe four or five that get to enjoy that. So we’re helping to create those memories and we’re hoping to be here for a long time."

As for the Taco Lab truck that sits in the building’s parking lot, Roasted Bliss said it’s excited to work with Taco Lab and there are no plans for it to move anytime soon.

The owners hope to have the drive-thru up and running by November with a full-store opening around the same time. The location on South Broadway will continue to stay open.