What the Tech? App of the Day: Lapse

What the Tech: Ap of the Day

App of the Day: Lapse

There’s a new app at the top of the Apple App Store charts and it’s another camera app. “Lapse” is a throwback camera app that might make one nostalgic for the days of point-and-shoot and disposable cameras that used film. Remember those?

Like those old disposable cameras, “Lapse” limits how many photos you can take each day to 36 and you cannot see those photos for about an hour while the roll is “developing”.

That’s contrary to how our smartphone cameras work. With Instagram and other apps people take a photo and immediately check to make sure they approve of how they look and, if not, they take more pictures.

The folks behind the app say the limitations of “Lapse” help keep users ‘in the moment’ where they enjoy what they are doing rather than looking to see who ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ their photo.

When you take a photo with the Lapse app, you hear the shutter and the familiar beep and whine that we remember from old cameras where the flash needed to recharge. I tried Lapse a few weeks ago on a weekend vacation and have to admit, it was pretty cool when I finally had the photos “developed” to see what pictures I took. I also found that with a limit of 36 photos, I didn’t take the same photo over and over again which typically fills my camera roll with similar shots.

Lapse does not allow followers but friends can join groups together to share photos and I can see where this would be great for events like weddings and other get-togethers.

It is a free app and it’s only available at the moment for iPhones.

When signing up for Lapse, you must invite five friends to download the app, which might explain the sudden surge of downloads. I especially like how the app organizes photos by month so you can look back at memories and share those with your friends.

If you miss old film cameras (and some of us do), Lapse may be a camera app you enjoy. Time will tell if Lapse has staying power.