What the Tech? Chat GPT for your phone

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(ABC 6 News) – If haven’t tried ChatGPT, you’re going to be surprised to see what it can do. It writes, creates, and answers questions like a human.

The website is very basic, just enter a command or ask it to write what you want it to write. In just the past few weeks people have used ChatGPT to write songs, entire books, and even papers required in medical school. It’s a website, but as with any new and trendy technology, there are people looking to take advantage and make a lot of money.

In both Apple and Google app stores, there are dozens of ChatGPT apps that charge a subscription. The official ChatGPT does not require nor does it have an app. But you can basically create your own. Here’s how:

First, on your phone or tablet go to the website, chat.openai.com, and sign up for an account.

You’ll want to add the website to your phone’s Home Screen. It’s actually a bookmark but shows up as an app icon.

On an iPhone, you’ll want to open the website in Safari. Tap the share icon, and choose to add to Home Screen. That’s it. You may need to rename it ‘Chat GPT’ by editing the title bar. The website will appear among your other app icons.

On Android devices, using Google Chrome, tap the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and select share, and add to Home Screen. When you tap the home screen icons, it’ll open the website. It’s just like having an app.

And it’s free. Don’t spend any money on a Chat GPT app. Save your money and add the website to your screen.