Summer warmth, humidity, and thunder

After a long stretch with little to no chance of rain at all, we’re back into a weather pattern that will provide a near-daily chance of rain. To be fair, try not to get your hopes up too high, since the nature of these thunderstorms is going to be hit-and-miss. What storms do pop up each afternoon to evening will provide some good, heavy downpours and a few thunderstorms may even be strong, but it’s basically a daily lottery for rainfall. Some will win, some will watch the storms roll on by.

The rest of this week and weekend ahead will be warmer than average for this time of year by nearly 10 degrees or more at times. Highs will make their way to the mid and upper 80s, and dew points will be climbing back into the mid-60s. We may have to dust off the Heat Index map a few afternoons this week.