Prep of the Week: Megan Gamble

Prep of the Week: Megan Gamble

Gamble currently leads her team in goals and is always looking to test herself more.

(ABC 6 News) — As the Century/John Marshall girls hockey team looks to improve upon last year’s 7-17-1 campaign, junior Megan Gamble intends to pave the way to a winning record.

“I work a lot on my stick handling and training, trying to get stronger in the offseason,” Gamble noted. “But, I think my shot can always just get better harder, stronger and have more accuracy.”

Among all returners, she had the most points with 18 last season. While Gamble has an early team-best six goals, she’s just as dedicated to serving up assists; something she did twice in Tuesday’s win over Red Wing.

“She’s a good playmaker and just finding new ways to build chemistry with her linemates and use other players on the team,” Century/JM head coach John Gamble added.

Daelyn Williams and Annika Torbenson are two of those players who benefit from the brief moments they share a line with Gamble. It’s not quite a power play, but it definitely feels like one at times.

“She can just either find an opening or a lane that she can just go in and score,” Williams mentioned. “Or she’s just really good at finding the gaps between people where she can set up her other teammates.”

“I think she is a really big leader on the team, and I think she’s a really great model,” Torbenson said. “Especially for the younger girls.”

That leadership comes in the form of challenging herself in those uphill moments. During a scoring spell or a big deficit, Gamble always has a no-quit attitude; when she’s on, she’ll put Century/JM on the scoreboard one way or another.

“I think her leadership is partly the way she carries herself,” Coach Gamble continued. “(She) remains competitive but doesn’t get negative with herself or others.”

“When you can get your teammates to get that good feeling,” Megan concluded. ”Get those goals themselves, make hockey plays out there, I’m just looking to get those assists up, I would say.”