Prep of the Week: Maysie and Mollie Koch

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(ABC 6 News) — In the state where hockey is life, what better life than to be on the ice with not just a great team, but a great teammate in your sister?

“We know each other the most, so it’s easy to play with each other on the ice, it’s just really fun,” Mollie Koch stated.

“Yeah, I’d also go off of that,” Maysie Koch agreed. “I always know where she is, and it’s like, you know…”

The Koch sisters have lifted Dodge County Girls Hockey into the forefront as one of the best teams in Minnesota with key wins over Owatonna and Albert Lea.

“Going into the rest of the season, I feel like that put a lot more confidence on ourselves going into our next games,” Mollie noted.

“Yeah, I would say the tape-to-tape passes, got some good goals in it, power play obviously helped a lot too,” Maysie concurred.

The sisters have got styles all their own that help complement each other. They play with speed and aggression seen in upperclassmen while only in 8th and 10th grade respectively.

“Mollie, it’d be her skating,” Wildcats Head Coach Jeremy Gunderson reflected. “She’s a great figure skater as well and it shows on the ice. Get a figure skating coach and they do a good job teaching these kids edgework. Maysie, for her, I would say what I like about her is her tenacious backcheck. She’s kind of a complete player where she’ll work hard in the d-zone and backcheck really hard to make plays.”

They’ve dished out the puck more often than they’ve scored goals, but they’ll gladly rack up all the apples to help the Wildcats win.

“Yeah, I feel like I’ve always been taught assists are better than goals,” Mollie continued. “And finding the people on the ice that you really care for and giving them the puck to try and do what they want to do, really boosts our team.”

Maysie and Mollie are poised to be a part of the Wildcats for a long time. As long as they’re on the rink, Dodge County is always a threat and they’ll be skating and scoring all the way.

Sometimes against each other too.

“We’ll see how the season goes,” Mollie chirped at Maysie. “We might get some — might get some bigger points than you, we’ll see.”

“That’s a lot of words!” Maysie countered.

“Ehhhhh, we’ll see!” Mollie giggled.