Prep of the Week: Makenzie Carrier

Makenzie Carrier: Defense Pays Dividends

Newest Prep of the Week Makenzie Carrier prides herself on defense and turning it into offense for Kasson-Mantorville GBB.

(ABC 6 News) — Modern basketball on TV is often defined as a back-and-forth affair, reaching triple-digit scores.

For Kasson-Mantorville’s Makenzie Carrier, that’s not quite her style… At least when it comes to giving up points.

“Defense gets me going personally, and I feel like it gets the whole team going,” Carrier said. “Because once you get a great defensive stop, say someone gets a charge, it just lights a fire. And that fire keeps growing once it goes onto offense.”

The three-year starter has made a habit of being a defensive stalwart. In turn, that fuels Carrier’s scoring attack, such as a 20-point night against Lake City on December 4.

“She added a mid-range jump shot to her game right now to go along with the 3-point shots,” KoMets head coach Ryan Haraldson added. “So that’s been a key for it.”

Carrier’s itch for defense is partly owed to always wanting the toughest matchup on the court. She doesn’t just want the smoke; she wants to prove she is the smoke too.

“She’s definitely a competitor and she likes to be against the best person,” teammate Ella Stoskopf mentioned. “And it pushes her to be better.”

“Staying low and staying on your toes,” Carrier continued. “If you’re caught flat-footed, you’re going to immediately beat, especially by the number one player on the other team.”

Carrier’s influence matters on a KoMets team still looking for its footing. But one look at practice paints a picture of a team that is not discouraged. Not as long as Carrier is there to give them the push they need.

“I don’t play selfish at all,” Carrier stated. “Making the best pass I can or even scoring for myself or finding my post is really the biggest thing to win games I think. Because when we move the ball, that’s when we score and when we win.”