Rochester Nordic Ski Team stays in the spirit with a snowcross competiton

Rochester Nordic Ski Does Snowcross

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(ABC 6 News) — When one thinks of winter, skiing is one of the first things that may come to mind. But it’s been a rather warm winter, which has put a damper on the Rochester Nordic Ski Team’s season.

But where there’s a will there’s a way as the RNST put together a snowcross competition at Rochester’s Gamehaven Park Tuesday. Around 80 of RNST’s 100 members took part, enjoying the afternoon.

Using man-made snow, RNST head coach David Herbert described the course as “working through obstacles, this course has little whoop-dee-do ups and downs and little drop-offs and slalom courses.”

The Snowcross was able to happen in the first place thanks to the Park’s artificial snow-making equipment. The snow melts slower than normal; therefore giving the RNST plenty to time to get their laps in.

“Doing that, they learn how to move around with their skis and it becomes natural while they’re having fun,” Herbert continued.

Even with a lack of natural snow this ski season, it hasn’t stopped the student-athletes from practicing when they can. Even with multiple postponements and cancellations, they’re rolling with the punches.

“Not quite so normal to have missing snow in February, but we’ve been able to make up for it,” senior captain Eli Hicks said. “Today, I was out roller-skiing actually, so practicing off the snow because we don’t have a whole lot of it to practice on. But it’s been alright for a season. Not quite the usual season, but still keeping up and it’s been a lot of fun.”