Prep of the Week: Faith Nielsen

Prep of the Week: Faith Nielsen

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(ABC 6 News) — Only two young women on this season’s NRHEG Girls Basketball roster have been with the team since 8th Grade.

One of them is Faith Nielsen, a senior who ensured her spot in the Panthers’ history books with her 1,000th career point. But ask her how it felt to reach that mark and she’ll say she didn’t realize how close she was.

“I was so surprised; I genuinely didn’t know I was going to reach my 1,000th point,” Nielsen said. “But it was nice to see that and my family was all there so that was fun.”

It’s a credit to her mentality and the work ethic that she’s digested under Head Coach Onika Peterson. As great as achievements like these are, it’s about getting the team into the win column in the grander scheme of things.

“I mean I knew I had the potential to do it,” Nielsen continued. “But I don’t really worry about the points for myself, I just worry about the ending score if we win or not.”

“It’s such a huge accomplishment for any kid that ever gets it,” Coach Peterson added. “We don’t always celebrate those big scoring nights because we as a team want to do well. So, it’s just nice to be able to recognize her and the accomplishment that she made for herself.”

Nielsen very much believes in the opportunity to win. Her success on the court can attributed to the skills she’s honed.

“She’s a small player but she has jump and she gets after balls and she’s been getting a lot of steals,” teammate Hallie Schultz praised. “A lot of rebounds, she’ll come out of nowhere. She scores for herself very well too, she’s awesome.”

Now in her senior year, Nielsen has every intention of leaving it all on the floor with NRHEG. She hopes to carry the Panthers as far into the playoffs as she can. But no matter the result, she will always have her friends and her memories to be proud of. After all, not everyone can always say, they made it to 1-K.

“I’m just happy I made all these relationships and all the things in the past like the conference championships,” Nielsen concluded. “Making that; the sections, made far in there, that’s something to be proud of.”