Med City Roller Derby gearing up for home finale

Med City Roller Derby Home Finale

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(ABC 6 News) — On Saturday, Med City Roller Derby will take part in its home finale in Rochester.

The theme of the night will be ” Our Flag Means Derby” as the team prepares to host the Minnesota Windchill during Pride weekend.

The game will be bittersweet for veteran skater Tamara “Pirate Queen” Tomfohrde, retiring after 12 years of playing the sport. Tomfohrde is grateful for the relationships she’s built but acknowledges that the itch to do one more game may come back one day.

“I think it might. I’m going to miss these people so much,” Tomfohrde said. “I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most and I do enjoy playing. It was a very hard decision to come to, but just my body is telling me it’s time.”

Teammate Sarah Stieven, better known as “Vendetta Vixen,” credits her growth in the sport to Tomfohrde and wants to make Saturday as awesome of a night as she can.

“Pirate Queen was one of my best teachers from the very beginning, even until now,” Stieven affirmed. “She’s an excellent coach. She pushes all of us. She makes us try hard and really work for it. And she is incredibly supportive. So we’d like to show her the same.”

Game time for Med City is at 7 PM at Graham Arena in Rochester.