2/21 GOTW: Austin vs. Century

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(ABC 6 News) – The Austin Packers escaped with a 58-56 Big 9 win over Century Friday in our SCHEELS Game of the Week, which is powered by Rochester Motor Cars.

The Packers came out of the gates firing. Senior Okey Okey lit a spark with a few buckets and the Packers were rolling.

After a hot start though, the Panthers defense finally settled in about six minutes after tip-off. The Panthers forced a 10-second violation and then blocked two shots.

Their defense then led to offense, thanks in part to seniors Jack Fisher and Gabe Hanson. The guards lifted the lid of the basket by knocking down jumpshots, including a pair of quick threes from Hanson.

Right when the Panthers were ready to take the lead, Austin senior Agwa Nywesh flipped a switch. He scored five points in 30 seconds and helped the Packers regain their footing.

Century made a strong push in the second half, but Austin managed to hang on. In their two wins over Century this season, the Packers have won by a total of six points.