2/14 GOTW: (6) Red Wing vs. (9) Austin

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(ABC 6 News) – On Friday night, the 9th ranked Austin Packers girls basketball team hosted the 6th ranked Red Wing Wingers in a Big 9 showdown.

Wingers took an aggressive lead at the beginning and kept after it. Halfway through the 1st half, Red Wing took a double digit lead, which Austin began to chip away at with the help of freshman Cassidy Schute and senior Kyra Walters.

Closing in on halftime, the Packers began to pick up momentum, but Red Wing held a 13 point lead at the break.

“Second half we need to come out big, the first five minutes will be huge,” senior Colie Justice said at half. “I think they are executing better than us. Our transition defense… we need to get back. They are a quick team, similar to us, we want to run just as much as they do.”

Wingers went on to win 63-44. Next up, the Packers hit the road to face Northfield on Tuesday. Tip-off set for 7:30 p.m.