With repair plans submitted, residents of Rochester Towers wait for whatever’s next

Repair plan submitted for Rochester Towers

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(ABC 6 News) – It’s been a staggering seven months for residents at the Rochester Towers and the longevity of the buildings structure has been in question over that time.

On June 2, 2023, the building was ordered to evacuate by it’s management company, First Service Residential, following a routine engineering inspection that afternoon. A month later, the city of Rochester gave the green light for residents to move back into all but 12 of the condos.

“[Engineers and inspectors] wanted to make sure that they were capturing every single issue that could possibly have happened on that building,” said Jerry Norman, City of Rochester Manager for Plan Review and Permit Services. “So, once they were done with their investigation, then they knew how to proceed with the construction documents and how to proceed with repair.”

Thursday was the deadline for contractors to submit their application for building permit repairs. While a building permit plan has been submitted to the city residents are still in the dark about what will come next with repairs to the place they call home.

For residents like Judy Lundy, there’s been a lot of adjusting in the six months since she was able to return home.

“It’s just been a moving pallet, there’s just so many things that we don’t know,” Lundy said. “That weren’t communicated, haven’t been communicated. I think the biggest, a very big frustration is that, the home owners, we’ve been left out of any decision making and any of the information. A lot of it we’re hearing on the news.”

Lundy claims she and the other condo owners have barely had any direct communication on plans from First Service Residential, including when the new building permit for repairs was submitted.

Building Restoration, who has been contracted for repairs on the building confirmed they submitted plans on Dec. 28, 2023.

“We don’t have any details of what’s included, and that’ what we asked before, and how they were going to phase this in. And, are we confident? No one’s given us any information to give us any sort of confidence yet. So we’re waiting for our turn,” said Lundy.

While residents still look for answers from first service residential, the city of Rochester hopes this latest step will begin to ease residents minds.

“We’re very aware of how this has disrupted the occupants of the building, and I am sorry for what they have had to go through. We’re just trying to ultimately get this through as quick as we can and ensure that we have, a building. That at the very least, is as compliant as it was when it was built,” Norman said.

ABC 6 did reach out to First Service Residential property manager of the Towers for this story, but they declined to comment.

The city of Rochester will take the next few weeks to review the plan before giving Building Restoration the green light to begin their contracting work.