Wellness Wednesday: Diet scams and fads

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(ABC 6 News) – With a new year, many are thinking of a ‘new me.’ In her new Wellness Wednesday series, ABC 6 News Good Morning reporter Sydney Zatz shares what you need to know about diet scams and fads.

How many times have you heard someone mention willpower and food in the same sentence when talking about losing weight? Doctors at Mayo Clinic say the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Nutrition specialist Dr. Donald Hensrud says everyone has willpower, but the willpower to stay away from unhealthy foods is not going to help shed the pounds. Because there are still factors that cause someone to eat more and do less activity.

“Other people feel full right away, but then they’re always hungry later on,” said Dr. Hensrud.

“Their brains tell them they’re always hungry. Once again, a study that we recently completed showed that by tailoring the diet to people’s independent physiology, it can help them better manage their weight.”

That study Dr. Hensrud is referring to can be found in The Mayo Clinic Diet, Third Edition. In addition to tailoring one’s diet to their physiology, it’s a matter of changing habits and creating new lifestyle changes that will be long-lasting.

Start with baby steps and do not expect perfection right away. That’s both with dieting and exercise. If someone is in a rush to lose weight, they may try exercising multiple hours in a day. That might be sustainable for a week or two.

“Focus on the plan and the process of establishing a good diet, reasonable physical activity habits, and the weight loss will almost take care of itself.”

Dr. Hensrud recommends eating healthy, low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods to help your system get used to new lifestyle changes.