Unsolved Case: 3-year-old Minneapolis boy killed by stray bullet while playing with Christmas presents

Remembering Terrell Mayes JR.

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(KSTP) – The holiday season is a painful time for one Minneapolis family who lost their 3-year-old boy, Terrell Mayes Jr., to a stray bullet back in 2011.

“Junior was supposed to be here, he was supposed to be somebody,” said Marsha Mayes, Terrell Jr.’s mother.

To this day, the little boy’s case remains unsolved.

The streets around 26th Avenue North and Colfax Avenue North in Minneapolis were turned into a crime scene back on Dec. 26, 2011.

The day after Christmas that year, the little boy was playing with his presents when gunfire erupted.

That’s when Minneapolis police say a stray bullet fired from outside fatally struck the boy inside the home.

“Each year it feels [like] a weight being dropped down on me, until this year, this boy would have been 15 years old,” Mayes said.

For 15 days this past December, leading up to the anniversary of his death, the family remembered Terrell’s life in a new way by wearing white clothing or clothes with his favorite cartoon character on them.

“To remember him, to celebrate his life, that was a big release of me, this year I’m more at peace,” Mayes said.

Over the years, Minneapolis police have shared details from the child’s unsolved case.

Investigators said Terrell’s home was not the target of the gunfire that erupted outside.

Marsha said the memory of that deadly day comes back this time of year.

“It’s time for me to let go and let God handle this,” Mayes said as she prays her son’s killer comes forward.
Minneapolis police urge anyone with information about the case to contact Crime Stoppers of Minnesota.