Trial scheduled, additional evidence added against semi driver charged in fatal crash

(ABC 6 News) – The prosecution intends to present evidence that a semi driver charged in a fatal crash was involved in 10 other traffic incidents in Ohio and North Carolina, according to court documents.

Darryn Turner Bullock, 35, was charged in June 2023 with felony criminal vehicular homicide–operate motor vehicle in a grossly negligent manner–after hitting 58-year-old Scott Bolduan of New Richland in the southbound lane of Highway 13.

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The prosecution filed a notice Wednesday, March 6, that they intend to use evidence of other crashes involving Bullock and multiple speeding and reckless driving charges to “demonstrate intent, motive, knowledge, absence of mistake/inadvertence, and/or to rebut potential defenses to be raised at trial.”

Bullock also entered a plea of not guilty to the charge at his omnibus hearing March 7 — about 9 months after the criminal vehicular homicide charge was levied.

Bullock is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing June 25, followed by a jury trial July 8-11.