Trees budding sooner due to warm weather bringing on early start to spring allergies

Trees budding sooner due to warm weather bringing on early start to spring allergies

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(KSTP) – Minnesotans are experiencing an earlier-than-normal start to spring allergies as the warm weather is sparking a head start on budding trees.

When you step outside, it’s hard to ignore: spring allergies have sprung early.

“My eyes are watery, itchy eyes,” Sosena Lagesse said. “It’s bothering me a lot.”

Some Minnesotans explained they’re not used to fighting the symptoms until April.

“It’s miserable, right?” said Erin Stassart. “My eyes are itchy. They’re watery. My nose is running. I’m coughing. I’m sneezing. It’s terrible.”

Dr. Pramod Kelkar, an Allina Health allergist, said his allergy appointments are filling up.

“We have already started seeing allergy sufferers from spring allergies coming in,” he said. “Normally, we see them end of March and beginning of April.”

According to Minnesota Department of Health research, trees across the state normally start budding in early April.

Experts said the abnormally warm weather is giving pollen a head start and Minnesotans are feeling it.

Dr. Kelkar explained that sometimes, common cold and allergy symptoms can be the same, but if you have a fever or body aches, it’s likely a cold or the flu.

“In case of allergies, you will have continuing symptoms and the congestion in the nose. Sinus issues will continue beyond seven days,” he said.

Allergy doctors said there are many different over-the-counter allergy medications, like nasal spray and eye drops, that patients can use to feel better.