Traveling exhibit begins in City Hall, kicks off Black History Month

Black History Month Festivities Kick Off

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(ABC 6 News) – To kick off Black History Month in Rochester, a traveling exhibit has been added in City Hall.

The exhibit is called Still We Rise: Rochester’s Black Legacy.

Andre Crockett Sr. is a local pastor at Vision Church and also serves as the director of the exhibit. He’s lived in Rochester since the mid-90s. “When I came here, [Rochester] was only about 5% Black. Now it may be 10 or 15.”

Just like his church, he hopes this new exhibit will bring people together.

The design of the exhibit also features a lot of black, red and green, the colors of the Pan-African Flag, a flag that represents the freedom of Black Americans.

Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara is a writer, curator and graphic designer for the exhibit. Everything in the design serves a purpose. “I wanted it to have some reverence, something that was steeped in the culture, but also something that was modern and could be translated to the older parts of history as well as the newer history we are making today.”

The exhibit is designed to showcase how far the Rochester has come in diversity, while also describing the challenges people still face today.

George Thompson explains as someone who has lived in Rochester for over 60 years. “When I first moved to Rochester, I didn’t see another Black person for two weeks. When I did, we sort of ran together and became best friends.”

While everyone involved in the project agrees that improvements for the lives of Black people still need to be made, having events like this allows for people to share stories on their experiences of the past in hopes of a brighter future.

“Now you get a chance to experience what we get to experience,” Crockett Sr. explains.

For George Thompson, he likes an event like this because it allows for people to focus on the story of people. “I get to know someone as an individual. That is the key is getting to know people as individuals.”

The exhibit will be on display here at city hall until Friday. If you want to know more about the exhibits, we have details HERE.