Yammy Bear is headed to Uvalde… and ABC 6 News is going with him

(ABC 6 News) – Charles Jackson, a.k.a. Yammy Bear, set off for a trip to Uvalde, Texas this morning.

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So did ABC 6 News reporters Emily Pofahl and Rachel Mills, who will post photos, updates, and broadcast the Yammy Bear family’s travels over the next few days — from Rochester to Uvalde’s community centers.

The shooting at Robb Elementary School shook the small town of Uvalde. As the town grieved the loss of 19 kids and 2 adults, one woman who has a kid who goes to Robb Elementary School, reached out to Yammy Bear.

She said her son is a survivor of the shooting and would love to see Yammy Bear.

In another message Yammy Bear received, he got asked if he wanted to visit a nursing him in Uvalde.

The family agreed to make the trip over the week of July 4.

Stuffed animals will go to the shooting survivors at the vigil site in front of the school, and Yammy Bear will be there to give them one of his hugs.

Keep an eye on ABC 6 News’ Facebook and Twitter for updates today, and see Yammy Bear in action in Uvalde beginning Tuesday evening on Channel 6.